135 year's

ab 2011

Neugründung der MMW Technologie GmbH im April 2011 als 100%ige Tochter der Petkus Engineering GmbH, Wutha Farnroda.

Der gemeinsame Marktauftritt von MMW und Petkus bekräftigt die Gesamtkompetenz in den verschiedenen Bereichen vom Getreidehandling bis zur Verarbeitung und Vermahlung von Getreideprodukten.

MMW Technologie GmbH bietet kundenorientierte, innovative und effiziente Lösungen und Service für die industrielle Produktion von Mehlen für Backwaren, Teigwaren, Stärke und Bioethanol sowie komplette Futtermittelwerke.


The MMW Systems GmbH takes over the responsibilities for grain milling in the MMW group.

1998 - 2002

Projects in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Germany, Russia and other countries rely on the development of an internationally orientated mill construction company.


Signing a contract covering the delivery of five wheat mill complexes to Syria - each one equipped with a 50,000 t silo, a 500 t wheat mill, a mill laboratory, a transformer station, and a Diesel generator station, a mill workshop, water-treating equipment, a fuel depot, an office building and dwellings. MMW as the General Supplier performed the engineering, delivery, installation, commissioning and the service. Furthermore, the company took over the co-ordination as well as the organization of this project.


Reprivatization of the company and beginning of a new era for the milling machine builing industry in Wittenberg.


Transformation of the nationally-owned company "VEB Maschinen- und Mühlenbau Wittenberg" into "Maschinen- und Mühlenbau Wittenberg GmbH" – MMW After the unification of Germany the company possessed at first to the privatisation agency.

1956 - 1970

Enlargement of the product range including machines and complete plants for husking (rice, oats, barley) as well as extension of MMW's foreign trade. Now the Mühlenbau Wittenberg with its mill plants and equipment can be found on the markets of 56 countries and, thus, on all continents.


After World War II the company was nationalized, but efforts were made to maintain the product range of miller's machines. A couple of years later the company was incorporated into the nationally-owned combines NAGEMA and FORTSCHRITT, thus, the original company name should remain in the background for many years.


Construction of the forerunner of our present-day eight-roller mill by Anton Wetzig. In the following years steady uptrend in the mill construction business, above all in the field of complete medium-sized rye and wheat mill manufacturing up to a daily output of 100 t. Furthermore, silo works for the grain storage were erected for the first time.


Further boom of the company when the manufacturing of own hydraulic turbins was started.


First new construction of a mill by "Mühlenbauanstalt Anton Wetzig" abroad - it was a pearl barley mill in Poland.


Construction of the first complete mill plants.

since 1880

Large-scale construction of miller´s machines, e.g. grain cleaners, roller mills, sifters and water wheels.


Anton Wetzig, a machine builder from Cologne, purchased the Iron Foundry and Machine-Building Factory in Wittenberg on the Elbe which was formerly run by the Germann Brothers. With the manufacturing of foundry articles and agricultural machines he laid the foundation stone for the industrial-scale production of grain mills and equipment for the specific milling industry in Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

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