Flour Mills Made by MMW

Complete Plants, Partial Plants, Single Machines

  • For the milling of various species of grain, such as wheat, rye, triticale, corn into flour, semolina and other products
  • adapted to the specific requirements of the individual customers and markets
  • for high total flour yields at a high energy efficiency
  • designed for medium-sized and high capacities according to the customer´s desire
  • planned, designed and installed meeting German quality standards observing the latest European safety regulations

Zeitz 400t/24h
Tajynscha 660t/24h
Sers el Lean 625t/24h
and many more

MMW supplys

single machines tailored to the customer's need

  • Husking of rice, oats, barley, buckwheat, lentils, spelt, sunflower seeds etc.
  • high husking yield at low break rate
  • designed for medium and smaller benefits, depending on the customer

Walzenstuhl WS 4 B
Achtwalzenstuhl WS 8
Plansichter PLS 3
and many more

Environmental Systems
(Dedusting and Ventilation Systems)

MMW Group plans and designs:

Aspiration and dedusting systems as well as pneumatic conveying plants

MMW Group delivers and installs:

Jet filters, cyclones, components and complete aspiration and dedusting systems as well as pneumatic conveying plants

Areas of Application:

In the food industry (grain processing , pasta works, malt houses, breweries) in the feeding stuff industry, in seed grading plants, in the chemical industry as well as in general environmental protection.

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